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Key Accomplishments

Concept of operations development

  • CONOPS for ACTDs, joint headquarters C2 initiatives
  • Vision for theater-wide collaborative planning and C2
  • TTPs for emerging C2 technologies

Command and Control requirements

  • ACTD military utility assessment
    • ACOA, AJP, CINC 21
  • Managed and assessed technology demonstrations
    • JWIDs, ACOA, CINC 21, AJP
  • ASW C2 requirements, current and future

Exercise planning and evaluation

  • MSEL development, data collection and evaluation
  • ONR operational experimentation processes
  • Seminar wargame design and execution
    • Military and public sector participants

Training and education

  • Operational issues for DoD acquisition professionals
  • Ethics for civil servants in developing democracies
  • Military ethics as part of university outreach
  • Network administration at college level

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